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HP Printer Customer Service 1-844-762-3952

HP printer isknown for its various features and functionalities which provides an edge overother available printers in the market. In case you ever face some error in itand you need to change the settings in its default mode then you will berequired to reset the settings of HP Printer. The printers contain non-volatilerandom access memory in short NVRAM and its main job is to keep all theinformation in the memory even it is off. It is possible to reset the printeras well as NVRAM if you have to erase the memory of it. Here you get thecomplete solution with a process which depends on the different model ofprinter which you possess. If you face any error while following the processthen no need to worry as there is another way to sort it out through HP Printer Customer Service where youwill get the assistance from skilled technicians without any hassle

Solution toreset the HP Printer which needs to follow in a proper way-

·        After the previous step, you have to just turn on the printer byholding down the ‘Go’ button and just wait for the ‘Attention’ light to appearand after that just release it back and observe the device light to cycle. Nowyou have to hold the button up in the blink of ‘Ready’ and ‘Go’ light on toreset the NVRAM.

·        After that, you have to just hold on the ‘Release’ button whichis at the back of the printer and the hold down it for less than 20 seconds toreset the printer and to reset NVRAM hold it for a longer period.

As it can beseen in above mention instructions that by following the same you will be ableto restore the settings of the printer in an easy way. There is a minorpossibility that you can face some error while following the steps and if ithappens then no need to worry as you have another way to sort it outthrough HP Printer Tech Support Number where you will get the help from certified experts withina short span of time and a perfect response.

Source: - HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number