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18-09-06 03:22

Lexmark printer not working with windows 10

The Lexmark printer is known for its amazing qualityand advanced technology. There are various printer models available from multifunctionalto all in one printer. So you can choose the best one printer for your officialor personal use. If you want to know which model would be preferable for you,then you should get advice through

Lexmark Printer Technical Support 1-800-234-6190. Via this toll-free number, you will find the best advice to choosethe printer model.

Well, the Lexmark printer often faces some hiccups like their printer stop towork with Windows 10. Or after updating the Windows 10 your printer not workingwith it. Whatever the problem do you have with Lexmark printer to windows 10,you can follow the instructions for troubleshooting.

The solution for troubleshooting:

Step 1. You should uninstall the printer driver and thenreinstall it again.

Step 2. Go to the device manager of the device and locatethe Lexmark printer.

Step 3. In the device manager,you should click the printer.

Step 4. Then click on uninstall printer driver.

Step 5. Now you will have to follow the on-screeninstructions.

Step 6. Remove the installed Lexmark printer.

Step 7. You should try to restartyour computer.

Step 8. Reinstall the Lexmark printer driver on your computervia CD.

Step 9. Check if the printer startsworking with the windows 10.

Step 10. If the problem remainsconstant then you should try to reverse the windows 10 updates. Because Windows 10 update can be one reason thatprinters are not connecting.

It maypossible that you will resolve your Lexmark printer not working with windows 10error via above steps. But there is a guarantythat you will fix the problem, therefore, the executives of Lexmark printercustomer care are here for you. You can dial the Lexmark Printer Customer Service Number anytime when you need expertsto help. On the call, the team of dexterous techies will guide you to rectify theprinter error. To get more you can reach to customer care experts anytime whenyou want without delay.

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