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18-11-07 09:10

Vibration Paddy Cleaner Problem

As a kind of non-standard cleaning equipment, the vibration Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) machine itself has brought certain obstacles to the development of the market. Because it is a non-standard equipment, the data of various manufacturers' specifications and high output are not uniform, and there is a gap. This creates trouble for the customer to choose the right model.

Customers should refer to the following points when selecting:

1. The general cleaning effect of the required screening materials (primary or fine cleaning)

2. the viscosity of the material to be sieved, the ratio of water content.

3. need to screen whether the material contains static electricity, corrosive

4. the shape of the material to be screened is required

5. For the number of mesh screens that need to be sieved, please refer to the mesh table of this station.

6. Need to screen the shape and specific gravity of materials and impurities

7. The hourly processing capacity of the material to be screened

8. Environmental requirements for screening materials, environmental pollution, environmental standards, etc.

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