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18-11-07 11:13

The Reason Why The Finished Rice is Easy To Be Broken

The Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) machine is a kind of grain processing machinery for removing brown rice (cortex and germ) from brown rice and grinding it into white rice. The main working part is a whitening chamber formed by a rotating roller and a steel plate punched by a steel plate on the periphery. The brown rice is discharged from the rice outlet after removing the enamel layer in the whitening chamber, and the rice bran is discharged through the sieve hole of the rice sieve. The feeding amount of the feeding mechanism, the gap between the whitening chamber and the pressure can be adjusted, and the rice sieves of different hole shapes and sizes can be used to adapt to different needs. There is a pressure gate or gate at the outlet to control the size of the rice noodle and can be adjusted to obtain different grinding precision and flow.

When the finished rice in the rice milling room is seriously exceeded, the following factors should be found:

1: Does the rice knife expose the screen? Pressure screen adjustment exceeds 2.5mm

2: Is the moisture content of the hairy rice too high or too low?

3: Whether the stored air is lower than 5mm.

4: Whether the gap between the end face of the rice milling head ring and the inner side of the rice machine outlet liner is more than 8mm.

The hoist belt slip hoist does not work

Stop immediately, remove the bottom grain and check the belt tightness.

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