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18-11-08 11:10

Grain Processing Equipment Polishing

We can usually go to several supermarkets and grain and oil markets and the food sold in each booth to see this. Through observation, we found that some rice is uneven in color in various rice channels, and some rice is even. Translucent, it feels very smooth. So, is it good to polish the rice with the Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) machine?

Rice is not as bright as possible: proper polishing not only makes the rice look better, but also tastes better and does not harm the human body. However, the over-polished rice is aesthetically pleasing and the nutrition is greatly reduced. Some merchants may also use excessive polishing methods to remove the surface deterioration of old or moldy rice and then dope it in normal rice.

Over-polishing rice has safety hazards: experts from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said that too bright and smooth rice may be the result of polishing, and excessive polishing will not only lead to the loss of rice nutrients, but if it is polished with mineral oil or other substances, There may also be security risks. Eating this kind of rice is not only without nutrition at all, but also seriously endangers human health.

"Whiteness" and "smoothness" do not accurately reflect the quality of rice, so you must not only pay attention to the appearance when purchasing rice.

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