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18-11-09 09:34

White Rice Grader Sieve Performance Characteristics

White Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) sieve, also known as rice sifting, is one of the important equipments for rice processing. It is mainly used for grading and finishing finished rice and extracting more than the required broken rice.


◆Using a condolence structure, stable operation, sturdy and durable, stable performance

◆The sieving area and the stroke setting are scientific and reasonable, the sorting effect is good, the processing volume is large, and the crushing rate of the finished rice is less than 2%.

◆ Easy installation, easy maintenance and low cost of use

◆The suction device is installed to reduce the temperature of the rice and to remove the dust in the rice.

Main structure and working principle

The main structure of the white rice grader sieve is composed of a feeding mechanism, a suction device, a sieve body, an eccentric slewing mechanism and a frame. During operation, the material falls into the white rice grading sieve through the feeding port, and the material is in full contact with the sieve surface as the sieve body rotates. According to the size of the sieve hole, the granules whose length is smaller than the mesh size pass through the sieve hole. Enter the granule discharge port, and the whole granules remain on the sieve and are discharged from the granule outlet.

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