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19-01-02 10:00

The Standard for Processing And Production of Rice Huller Equipment

       Today, rice can be said to be an important food crop that people eat daily. However, due to the different degree of processing, it can be divided into brown rice and polished rice. So, how to properly use Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) equipment to process brown rice and polished rice? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the operating procedures and standards for the processing of brown rice and polished rice. I hope that everyone can help.

Operating procedures for brown rice processing:

1. Clearing and removing impurities: The grain stored in the previous batch cannot be completely cleaned, leaving hidden dangers to the pure varieties. Therefore, after normal operation, the first brown rice (3-5 kg) must be intercepted and stored separately. It is considered mixed rice to ensure the purity of rice.

2. Operating procedures:

(1) Feeding after starting up, cutting off the feed before stopping, and then stopping.

(2) Adjust the front and rear roller speeds so that the speed meets the requirements and ensure good results.

(3) According to the number of revolutions required by the process, adjust the speed governing mechanism and the inclination angle of the screen surface to control the amount of net roughness, generally, the fast rotation speed and high inclination angle are favorable for ensuring the net roughness quality.

(4) Precautions after normal operation of the machine: Regularly check the net roughness, return to the quality of the grain, properly adjust the speed governing mechanism and the screen inclination angle, that is, ensure that it meets the national standards and increase the net roughness; monitor the inlet flow evenly. Try to keep the flow rate of the three-layer screen surface consistent, and prohibit the blockage of the discharge port; monitor the feeding condition. The feed hopper at the top of the machine should keep the material storage to ensure uniform material feeding, and control the shelling rate of the grain mixture of the grain machine of the water inlet machine. At 85-90%, the chaff rate is less than 0.3%. Monitor the abnormal noise of the equipment operation and the vibration of the impact sound so that it can be shut down and repaired in time.

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