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19-01-04 10:31

Pay Attention to The Removal Steps of Paddy Husker Equipment

In the processing and production process of the grain industry, the Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) equipment should be cleaned, maintained and maintained after use in the peak season. In the process of equipment, the problem of disassembly is involved. There are many details in the disassembly process that need to be paid attention to. In the correct way, it will not cause any damage to the paddy husker equipment.

After the end of the grain processing process, the paddy husker equipment should be disassembled with suitable tools without slamming it to avoid damage or deformation of the parts. Surface soil and oil should be removed before disassembly of the paddy husker equipment and should be kept clean during the disassembly process.

After disassembly, it should be stored according to the nature of the materials and the precision of the parts. When disassembling, you should pay attention to check and record.

The paddy husker equipment should dismantle the paddy husker equipment in a reasonable order, generally from the attachment to the main part, from the outside to the inside, first disassemble the whole machine into an assembly, and then the assembly is disassembled into parts, and the parts are disassembled into parts.

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