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19-01-05 10:23

Common Production Failures And Solutions for Rice Polisher Equipment(一)

       Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) equipment is excellent processing equipment, but it is a machine after all, and it will definitely fail during use. As long as you master the solution, it will not delay production. Next, please ask the company's technical staff to bring everyone to learn the following.

Common production failures and solutions for rice polisher equipment:

1. When there is sloshing during the operation of rice polisher equipment, check the fixing screws and tighten the connecting bolts of the grinding head and the frame. Check the stability of the ground screw. The grinding roller gap should be adjusted and the spring should be pressed to ensure that the gap between the two ends of the grinding roller is consistent.

2. Found that the production of equipment in the production of less, it is likely that the screen is blocked. The clearance of the grinding roller should be properly adjusted. If the roller is worn, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

3. On the grinding roller of rice polisher equipment, more materials will adhere frequently, and the adhered materials on the grinding roller should be cleaned up. This can reduce the wear of the grinding roller and allow the processing of the equipment. Quality is guaranteed. For some parts that are difficult to clean directly, we can use a small brush to clean up the impurities in these parts to ensure the cleanliness of the rice polisher machinery.

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