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18-03-13 12:03

Unable to send email to Yahoo

If the users can't Sendor reply to Emails Using Web Browsers?

If the users facingissues related to Yahoo where they are unable to send any reply, forward toanyone through the Yahoo Email. If the answers are in yes then there must be anissue related to some browser add-ons or some other program which is causing theerror while sending the email. The users should not worry as here is a solutionrelated to the same and the users should follow the instructions as they areprovided over here. In case they failed to do so then, they have another optionin the form of Yahoo customer care number1-844-762-3952 wherethe users will be assisted by the certified experts within a short span oftime.

Process for thesolution-

1.    The users are requiredto sign in to Yahoo Mail.

2.    After that, they have toclick on Compose.

3.    Now they are required toclick on the double arrow button (<<) which can be seen on theright side of the formatting toolbar in the below image.

4.    The users will beprompted a small text window (Switch to Plain Text) > and after that, theyhave to press the OK button

5.     Now the users have to compose and send theiremail.

Process-2: if the user’saccount temporarily blocked from sending messages


It might be apossibility that the user’s email account might stop email from being sent, ifthe users find any kind of suspicious kind of activities on the account, thatmeans their account is temporarily blocked for sending and receiving emailmessages which might lift in 1-2 days without doing anything

To FixThis Issue?

There are some option to resolve the issues with few methods

1.    The users can resolvethe issues through CAPTCHA word verification

2.     They have one more option by trying sending aplain text email to one recipient

They can change the userpassword instantly and visit the email account help center.

As the process for the technical issue isdefined to resolve the same for the users. The users can follow the process andsteps as they are provided over here to resolve the issue. In case theyconfront the issues while following the instruction then they have anotheroption in the form of Yahoo customer support where certifiedexperts will assist them in resolving the issues within a short span of time.