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17-03-24 12:16

Stop Worrying So Much.

I know a lot of dreamers (writers, especially) who spend a lot of time worrying about how they will "make it". Many dreamers spend a great amount of time worrying about the statistics and the probability of them making it than actually putting in work. They spend time pondering the "what if's" and "maybe's". The difference between those who made it and those who didn't is not only about how much work they put in but also about how little time they spent attending to their fears.
Now imagine you walk into a restaurant with a wallet full of money. The attendant finds you a nice spot with a great view of the little fountain in the restaurant. Soon, you are presented with a menu and you place your order. The waiter smiles, scribbles something on his note and he leaves. While he's gone, you look around the restaurant and you tweet about how impressed you are with the restaurant; you reply a few texts and you even take a picture of the place to send to your friends. Soon the food is set before you and the feast begins for you.
Quick question: after you pointed out what you wanted, did you think about the process of getting the food? Did you think of what was going on in the backroom? Did you worry about the chef?
I'm guessing you said "no" once, at least. I want you to look at your life the same way. Just fill your "wallet" with the hardwork you put in everyday and think about the taste of the "food" to come. Don't worry about how the chef (God and/or the Universe)  will do it. Don't worry about the statistics and probabilities. Don't feed your fears. Just know that the God (Universe) is doing his job just as you have done, or are doing, yours. Just wait for it. Do not be afraid. Your dreams WILL come true.