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How to Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

Are you fed up with many automatic updates or dealing withslow processing error of dealing with AOL Gold? There is no need to worryanymore as you can uninstall AOL Gold anytime you want to and there are norestrictions to do so. By following a guide to simple steps you can smoothlyuninstall the AOL Desktop Gold without even affecting your system. In case youdeal with any problem while uninstalling it, you can always get the AOL Desktop gold download 1-844-794-2515 help where the technical experts will help youin sorting out the problem.

AOL Inc. has made everyone’s workquite easier by launching its one of the best products overtime which allowsits users to access from a variety offeatures from mail to browsing the internetwith in-built security features. AOL Desktop Gold came with automatic updateswhich saves time to provide fast and amazing service to its users, butsomewhere it failed to satisfy all customers’ requirements.

The features of AOLDesktop Gold are very user-friendly. As you can save the important contacts tothe address book, export and import your personal data, customized fonts andtext options, two screen verification process, important wizard and updated webbrowser and much more.

Uninstalling AOL Desktop Gold

By following theunder-mentioned simple series of steps, you can easily uninstall AOL DesktopGold.

Step 1: Click ‘Start’

Step 2: Go to ‘Controlpanel’

Step 3: Select one ofthese ‘Add or remove programs’, ‘uninstall a program’ or ‘Programs and features’(Do note that the options may differ depending upon the version of operatingsystem you are using)

Step 4: From the list ofcurrently installed programs select, ‘AOL Desktop Gold’

Step 5: Click‘Uninstall’ or ‘Remove’

Step 6: Choose if youwould like to keep or remove your personal data.

You have finallyuninstalled the AOL Desktop Gold. While following the above-mentionedtroubleshooting options for uninstalling AOL Desktop Gold, if you encounter anyproblem or get confused, reach out to install AOL desktop gold which isavailable 24x7 for further assistance.

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