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18-06-11 07:39

How to fix AOL Desktop not responding on Windows 10

AOL Desktop is an email client software installed on your computer through which you can easily send and receive emails. It is highly creative and powerful in terms of its features. In simpler terms, AOL Desktop is a central tool for accessing all email services. It makes our tasks easy in day to day life. But with the passage of time or with new versions coming up, the users of this software face some technical obstructions in their way of using it. Among other common issues, most of the time users, especially those who use Windows 10 face desktop not responding issue. If you are also among the same issue facers, then try to AOL Desktop Gold download 1-844-794-2515 again on your device.

Causes of AOL Desktop not responding

There can be innumerable causes or reasons due to which this software might not be responding, some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Your system and software compatibility did not match

  • The software may be requiring an update

  • Need to be installed again

  • Virus or malicious program

  • Poor network conditions

  • Other installed software creating a nuisance

  • Solving the issue

  • If you think, some of the causes match with your issue’s condition then, you particularly need a timely solution. Following are some ways to solve the problem.

  • Try updating your software – without any delay, try to update your software to the latest version so that it may work smoothly.

  • Check the minimum requirements of the software and fulfill them

  • Security issue – disable any active firewall, antivirus or other security programmes to let the software run swiftly

  • Closing unwanted tabs – by doing so you will lessen the burden on the software for its better functioning.

With the help of these guiding steps, you can easily troubleshoot the issue, if nothing works in your way try Install AOL Gold again so that any remaining glitches might get sorted out after the re-installation process. This will make the software better in processing leading to your ease of operation.

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