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18-02-06 06:03

How to detect if someone read your email on AOL

The AOL email service has provided their service since 1983. This is the free email service based on the web. Due to its web email service, it is easy to access its account from anywhere you want. It has updated its features for customers convince which attract customers to create and use AOL email account. In case of the find, the error to use AOL account users can call on aol mail tech support number 1-877-848-3933

which is open every time. From any computer, AOL user can send or receive the email with an internet connection.

The attraction of AOL email service:

Unlimited email storage

Protection from cyber threats.

25 MB files can be sent per email

Easy to import contacts to AOL email

Just one click to delete emails

Synchronization feature

One swipe to empty trash and spam folder

If you want to know that your send email has received and read by other AOL users then also you can because AOL email has this feature. If you don’t have an idea how to know your email got read then simply follow these steps which are given below:

1.Log in your AOL email account.

2.On the left column select the sent folder.

3.Check the sent email.

4.Now click on the option of “Action” above the list of sent emails.

5.Now click to “Show message status”.

6.The message status will show in the dialog box of the email address.

7.Click on “OK” to exit.

The simple steps will help you to know the status of your send email message. It may possible that you get trouble to due to a technical problem with your AOL email and no result found in the dialog box.

If it happens there is no need to worry because tech support team is always ready to help you. Just ring the aol technical support number 1-877-848-3933

which is open for 24×7. The team of experts will assist you anytime you call them and fix the problem in short time.

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