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18-05-02 03:00

Path Of Exile

If your individual style of art features a while to complete, don’t fret, you might have time. In fact, you've got until October 17th to do your art piece and submit it towards team. So spend some time, undertake it properly, making yourself proud, then give consideration to the POE Currency team.
Now obviously, what’s a tournament without prizes, right? Well, the top three winners may get customized avatars that is based on their fan art, in addition to the remaining prizes intending to be listed. The top five are certain to acquire a Path of Exile comic signed together with the team including a choice of a weapon effect (plus more). The Top 10 are certain to have a POE Chaos Orbs T-Shirt plus a helmet from the choice. And finally, the superior twenty could get an armor using choice.
So, if you think you could have what it takes to win, go and try out this contest!