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18-05-04 03:46

Path Of Exile Stash Tab Sale Competitive Events And More Is Coming This Weekend

Path of Exile gets some pretty exciting things throughout last week. Starting from, 8-hour Grief events, then Two-Week Mayhem events and ending which has a Super Stash Sale.
poe weekend sale
During a few days ago the POE Currency players can also enjoy playing competitive Grief events. The first 8-hour Grief event has become live. The next two are coming tomorrow on June 24. These two new events might be played solo or perhaps in a party.
“These can be a new sort of event where a couple of hours before the end of every, instance invasion and PvP are enabled and it also becomes like cut-throat, but without items dropping on death.”
Right after these events, a whole new Two-Week Event happens. The players can start to play in Standard, Hardcore or Hardcore Solo-Self Found version, in which the prize pool are going to be increased by 50%.
All areas in Mayhem events are occupied by Rogue Exiles, Invaders, Tormented Spirits, Breaches or Strongboxes. This inhabitation changes on every hour. Take a look at the schedule within your local time for your events and prizes.
For last, Buy POE Currency players should have a Super Stash Sale during earlier this week. This means that each stash tab is for sale. It doesn’t matter whether its Premium Stash Tab Bundle, Premium Quad Stash Tab, Currency Tab or Guild Stash Tab.