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Common Dell Printer Troubleshooting Steps
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If the printsare dull or of faded colour even though the toner cartridges are full,check the Print Head Device (PHD). PHDis responsible for transferring the print image to a printing paper. So, ifit nears the end, it can cause the printer to print fade or dull. Often, PHDdisplays a 'replace PHD now' message when it nears the end. However, ifyou don't get such message and still see faded prints, check PHD. Replaceit if it is about to finish.

If you are using a Dellprinter+1-877-353-1149 -cum-scannerdevice and you get a'Scanner Locked' message, give this method a try. If the printer is on, powerit off. Lift up the scanner unit properly in a way that it makes a click-and-locksound. The unit will be located in front of your Dellprinter Support Number. Look for the lock switch of the scanner and pull itin your direction. The lock switch will be located on the left hand side of thescanner next to the scannersupport+1-877-353-1149

Lift up the scanner unit again and push back the scannersupport and hold it. Release the scanner unit slowly afterwards.Now let the scanner unit down slowly and carefully until it is closed completely.When done, power on the printer. Another method to unlock the scanner is tolook for a lever where the printoutcomes out. Hold the lever and unlock it. Thescanner will release afterwards.

If your new Dellprinter does not print after setup, it may be because of the communicationproblem. It indicates that the Dell printer setup+1-877-353-1149 did not go successful. Power off the printerand disconnect it from your computer by unplugging the USB cable from both theends. Keep the cable aside. Look for the Dell printer setupsoftware (the setup.exe file) onyour computer and uninstall it. Look for the printer drivers and other filesand uninstall them too. When done, reboot your computer. Grab the Dellprinter installation +1-877-353-1149 (setup) disk and placeit in the disk drive of your computer.

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