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HP Printer Cannot Print From a Mobile Device

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When routers have become wireless, how can printer staybehind in the race of wireless connections? Gone are the days when the usershave to connect their devices with cables to the printers and then print. Butwith the advancement in technology, the scenario has changed. HP Printers aretop quality devices which are often preferred by the users as the first choice.One of the best things with HP Wireless Printers are theirconnectivity strength like they can connect to Android and iOS smartphones withease. But if you cannot print from a mobile device using this printer thencontact HP Printer Customer Care ortry the given steps.

Using HPService Plugin for connecting HP Printer to Mobile device

Connect both the device (your printer and the smartphone) on the same network you are using

Go to the App store of your respective device and install theHP Service Plugin application

After the completion of installation, users need to run once on their smartphone

Now select the page or image you want to print and then click on the three dots and tap on the Print option

Get the preview of the item you are going to take print of

There will be a downside faced arrow, click on it and select the printer on which you will be sending the print command

You can even modify the print settings as well as the page layout, color, font size, and other things

Finally, tap on Print icon and you will soon see the printout coming from the printer

Still not able to print? Then try these –

Check the network connection status from the device Wi-Fisettings

Ensure the printer and mobile device are well connected and working

Move your printer and router closer

Clear the cache from the mobile device

If there are any doubts or problem in establishing the connection then the excellent option you can try is to contact HP Printer Technical Support that stays available 24 hours of the day for the convenience of the users.

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