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How to access old mail and address book contacts with an inactive AOL Desktop Gold Subsc<x>ription

AOL Desktop Gold

Sometimes the task of getting new AOL desktop Goldsubscription or updating the subscription becomes a hassle and a burden forsome. A customer of AOL gold thinks that he/she needs a new subscription toaccess their old emails and address book contacts, but this is not the case.AOL desktop gold users can use their old or inactive subscription to downloadtheir contacts and access old emails. Even if they decide to not reactivatetheir subscription, they will still be able to use their AOL mail as well asthe app. You don’t have to download AOL Desktop Gold again just to be able tomake a new subscription and get a hold of your emails and contacts.

Customers have often raised the issue of the possibility ofaccessing old emails and contacts by using an inactive AOL desktop goldsubscription. If you are one of them then this blog will be useful because itwill guide you to successfully carry out the process. Simply follow the stepsbelow:

Toaccess old emails:

·        Click the arrow that is pointing downwards todisplay your usernames.

·        Open the ‘read mail icon’ and under ‘saved on mypc’ choose any folder or the ‘downloads’ folder. It depends on your preference.

·        Go to the AOL mail page and sign in using yourusername and password.

<p CxSpLast" style=";line-height:150%">·        On your email home screen, click on ‘contacts’to access your address book.

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The above-highlighted steps will allow you to Access Your Old Emails And Address BookContacts. The steps are very simple and easy to execute so you will have noissue while undergoing the process. Just make sure you click the correct tabsand enter the correct username and password to prevent unnecessary headaches.

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