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How to solve Amazon Echo Mic Problems

The Amazon Echo devices work with Alexa, a virtual assistant developedby Amazon developers. Amazon Echo is a devicewhich performs the task in order to the user command. Echo devices listen to your command and turn them intoactions. Echo Speaker is a smart device which can play music, update you withsports score, tell you news, works with smart home appliances and much more.But on the other hand, there are some problems associated with Echo devicewhich users encounter.

Sometimes Echo usersface mic issue also. The mic is ahardware part of the Echo device, which helps the Alexa or Echo device to listen to the user'scommand. If you are not a tech person and unable to solve this issue, then youshould urgently, reach to the Amazon Echo alexacustomer support, where the team ofprofessionally trained techies will help you to solve the problem.

Techniques to solve the Mic issue with Amazon Echo Device

You can perform somebasic troubleshooting steps to solve the mic problem. Let’s discuss some basictroubleshooting steps.

Step 1. Restart your Echo Device

Unplug the Echo devicefrom the power supply and wait for few seconds. Then, again turn on the Echodevice. If restart doesn’t work, then reset the Echo device on factory defaultsettings, using Alexa App which will remove all the problems in one step.

Step 2. Disable the Mic for few minutes

Press the Mic button situatedat the top of your Echo device and turn it off. When you will turn off the mic,the light ring on the Echo device will show a redcolor. Then wait for a few minutes andactivate it again by pressing the mic button.

Step 3. Change the Echo device position

You should place yourEcho device at some silent place becauseit might be the reason behind this problem, that you are unable to hear theEcho voice due to other noisy devices at your home.

If you have performedall the above-given steps as it is, thenyou shouldn’t face any issue with a micof your Echo device. In case, you want the help of an expert, then ring on Amazon Echo alexasupport number and get a one-stopsolution of all the issues with Amazon Echo devices.

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