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How to Fix HP Printer Wi-Fi not working issue

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When you are having an issue with your HP Printer Wi-Fi. Inthat case, you won’t be able to connect your printer to the computer. To fixthis problem, you need to go through some simple troubleshooting steps. If youare a non-technical person and don’t have any technical knowledge. Then youshould get the assistance of professional techies. Call on HP Printer Customer Care and gethelp.

Steps to Fix HP Printer Wi-Fi Notworking issue

1.     Restartcomputer, printer, and router

One of the most common ways people use to solve any technicalissue is to restart everything. So,

·        Unplug the printer from the power supply and press thepower button to turn it off. Then wait for at least 30 sec, and then pressstart the printer again.

·        Turn on the printer.

·        Turn on your Wi-Fi router.

·        After that connect your computer to the same network.

You shouldn’t face the Wi-Fi not working issue anymore if youhave followed the steps as it is. But if you are still facing the problem, thenget in touch with HP Printer Customer Support team andget the best possible solution of your problem.

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