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The Elder Scrolls Blades using lootbox

They are going to ruin The Elder Scrolls Blades using lootbox kind of ESO Blades Gold ingame items and pay to win. A game is never touched by me where I don't know at forehand I am going to pay in total for it eventually to conquer it or in case of games until I have enough of it. See that you don't know if your total spent The Elder Scrolls Blades EVER will probably be 50 dollars, a 100? Maybe 250 in total (over a span of years)? Or only 10 $/Euro? This is overly deceiving at this point for me.I just dont see the purpose of having a game if the only way to advance is to purchase your progress. As a gamer who defeats the purpose of levelling progression. Where is The Elder Scrolls Blades? The fact is there is no match . An illusion of a match to allow you to spend money to advance, rather than progress through playing. This sort of stuff is gambling cancer.This is honestly just unsatisfactory. Bethesda recently released their 25th Anniversary video highlighting how much they care about their fans, and how much they value their opinions and opinions. I see endless posts/comments about just how disappointed players are with the Elder Scrolls Blades on social networking.

Players will eventually reach a stage in The Elder Scrolls Blades where breaking vases will no longer be a rational means of set building materials for your town, and might have to rely upon the arbitrary generated content of chests for whatever they need. Is that players will eventually reach a point where it is literally impossible to maintain chests. The balancing of these wait on the chests is foolish.

Players will find themselves having an abundance of silver chests flood their chest inventory, and they are unable to open them fast enough so they could return to playing the real game. Unless they invest money of course. However, who wants to invest ~$20 to start their stack of silver chests they obtain? This leaves gamers to wait days just to clear each of their chests. But no participant wishes to wait that much time to keep on playing -- nobody wants to risk giving up a chest rewards that are possibly precious and playing quests. Finally players will only get frustrated with all of this waiting and uninstall the program altogether -- It is either pay up or quit playing. This is merely bad game design on the end of Bethesda. The concept is to get players to buy TESO Blades Gold love playing with The Elder Scrolls Blades Game on their devices. With the chest sockets as they're currently, I dread that players will just eliminate hope on The Elder Scrolls Blades and quit playing all together.

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