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ESA lets Congress participate in the Twitch Rocket League Championship

Earlier this week, the Entertainment Software Association's trade and lobbying group hosted the Rocket League Championship for US members of Congress. These games were aired on Twitch, giving the world a chance to discover the shocking discovery that many politicians are not good at video games.

ESA is there to showcase the eSports and gaming community to the Future Forum Core Conference, where the players are most concerned with game stories and Rocket League Items. However, all Democrats, core groups, focus on issues related to millennials, and by Reps. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Stephanie Murphy of Florida, Katie Hill of California, Marc Veasey of Texas, and Jimmy Gomez of California.

The Twitch broadcast competition even includes professional reviews, which may be more than what the event deserves. It is unclear who won the game, but the real focus is that the European Space Agency is trying to establish a stable relationship with Congress, perhaps to stay ahead of the booty and Rocket League Keys legislation.

As The Verge emphasized, there are some choices in the post-match interviews. After a disappointing outing, Hill suggested, "Next time, we can make a first-person shooter. It is more like a business." Veasey took the opportunity to notice how many GameStops were in his area. If you want to see it with your own eyes, you can go to Twitch.

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