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LED Street Lights Manufacturers Are Realizing Energy Cost Savings

Through simple mathematical calculation, the energy efficiency of LED street light system is obvious. Traditional incandescent lights convert most of the energy into heat energy. LED street lights use less than 20% of the energy required by incandescent lights, and each watt of energy (i.e., "lumens") input generates up to 30% more light. The combination of these two factors has LED to the energy cost savings being realized by Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT).

The advantages of LED street lights far exceed efficiency and cost savings. LED street lights can be precisely controlled. Unlike other newer lighting systems (including sodium and mercury vapor lights), LED street lights can be turned on and off instantaneously. This fast switching response allows the motion sensitive control system to be integrated with the LED street light, for example, to rapidly increase the brightness of the LED street light when pedestrians are present and to dim it when pedestrians are not present. LED street lights can be connected to emergency centers to create bright paths and directional lighting for first responders.

LED street lights have various colors and lighting temperatures, which can be combined to create unusual and attractive environmental lighting in the urban environment. When city planners begin to examine the possibilities of LED street lights, they will find themselves overwhelmed by these possibilities.

These possibilities have also changed the norms traditionally used by city planners and engineers to define and meet the needs of city lighting. They can still consider lumens, which are the basic unit for traditional lighting applications but LED street light

systems allow consideration of color rendering and color temperature, uniformity, and lighting depreciation, all of which can be combined to create unique solutions for street lighting applications.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.

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